Mefford Residence

This home was purchased by a retired couple as a second home for when they come in from out of town to visit their family.  The best I can come up with to describe the original front elevation is “nondescript” and I believe the house was built sometime during the 20’s or 30’s.  The porch had been enclosed and there were two entrances into the house.  A horribly rigged staircase had been built going up to the attic which had been finished off into a loft with a bathroom.

The client favored a more bungalow-style look so the enclosure on the porch was removed along with one of the entrances into the house.  The front windows were reconfigured in keeping with the desired style.  The staircase was replaced by a spiral stair and the upstairs bathroom relocated to give a bit more privacy to the loft from below.  We also took down the wall between the bedrooms and created one large master suite.  The kitchen was gutted and opened to the dining area with glass-fronted cabinets and the old porch was replaced with a new one.


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